Just add colour

It’s grey outside.  Cold, too.  I’ve been home for a few hours overnight and headed out again for one of my last trips for this financial year. I have to confess, I’m limping over the finished line so I’m taking a few minutes to myself while waiting for the taxi to arrive.

thumb_IMG_3182_1024 copyIn my garden a lone purple rose is blooming.  The bees are having a pollen spa.  They are fascinating to watch.DSCN5677.jpgIn the backyard the rainbow lorikeet added colour to any otherwise ordinary day.DSCN7632.jpgI’m dreaming of far away places, like Broome.  Time to go there.IMG_2614.jpgBut for now, I’m off to Esperance again.  It promises to be cold, wet and windy.  But always beautiful, even if the only light is an (unknown) berry in the garden, that glows.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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