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My work consists of making sense of what I see and what I hear.  Photography has fine tuned my skills in an unexpected way.  It helps me stay in the moment.  Once uploaded, I reflect.

My style of working with people has evolved and moving more towards what I trained in recently.  I attended a very useful professional development event and took part in an exercise.  The exercise was a simple one for a complex problem.  It resembled something a magician would do where the routine would go, “Think of a number ….” and the magician comes up with the right answer at the end of it.  This had a twist.  One person thought of the problem and the other did not know what it was.  By the end of the routine, through the right line of questioning, the person with the problem had solved it on their own.  That’s the hallmark of a good therapist. 

My father went to university but not my mother.  They did not travel the world.  But they had wisdom that is still relevant.  One of their favourite sayings, “a little bit of knowledge, is a dangerous thing”, is something I find useful every day.  My children’s father had something similar to say during my early years at university, “If you are going to work with people, know your stuff!”  It is advice I pass on to our son.  In a world of information (and misinformation), I always find it useful to ask people, “What do you think is happening?”  It defines the map of their journey taken and the one we will take together.

Unless you are trained in what to look for, looking in is subjective and ill-informed.  Without knowing history, one can misread social cues and behaviour.  As Thomas Szasz puts it, “… there is only biography and autobiography”.

A good listener, knows this.

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