In the company of robins

Each morning I shivered as I dressed in layers.  The temptation to be among nature overrode the discomfort.  On my last morning my appointment was earlier so I planned to skip my walk and have a leisurely breakfast, pack and check out instead.  The first tweet I heard, changed my plans.  Just like that!

DSCN8033.jpgI went for a quick walk and when I returned to the property, something fell from the tree in front of me.DSCN7863.jpgA pair of white breasted robins.  DSCN8053.jpgOne was friendly and stayed with me.  Or perhaps, I was following.DSCN8054.jpgThe delight of company!DSCN8052.jpgBoth equally curious about the other.DSCN8051.jpgMy hands shook with delight so I tried hard to relax, so did the robin.DSCN7890.jpgIt hopped and flew all around me.DSCN7893The other hid behind pots but managed one shy look, and retreated again.

I spent no more than twenty minutes outdoors.  It renewed me.

I’m back at home in the city.  This morning I went outdoors and wandered in a bleak winter garden.  I found a honeyeater’s tiny nest in a tree.  There’s always something to delight the eye, if you seek it.  That has become my philosophy.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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