Inflight angel

She is slender with skin like ebony, smooth and dark.  Her eye lashes are naturally long and curled.  Her long hair is captive in a netted chignon.  Her bilingual skills are evident in her faint French accent each time she says, “attentsheeon”.  In a noisy plane, I watch her lean closer to the elderly man and say, “Monsieur, would you like some coffee?  Tea?”  Her sparkling teeth framed in a smile, floods the small plane with light.  He beams back at her.  “Tea, thanks, love”, he responds happily.  Her light, her aura, is generous.  We all share this during a short flight.

The small plane shook and rattled.  We are flying into a very strong headwind, punching through big angry clouds.  I catch her eye, me from the back, and she in the front.  She smiles.  I, do, too.  Secretly, we both know, we are serene as ducks on a pond, each hiding the anxiety that wells inside.  We laugh nervously when saying goodbye.  No more words needed.  We are safe.

I’ve taught myself to be less anxious on these flights.  I focus on taking photographs or visualize my return home.

These are some of the pictures I keep in memory ….DSCN7519.jpgA musk duck trying to look cool while expelling a blast of bubbles when attempting to attract a mate!thumb_IMG_3282_1024.jpgPerth Airport, just before I flew out the other day.  thumb_IMG_3310_1024.jpgI’ve come to know the Midwest is gorgeous in winter.  This hill is on approach to Geraldton.thumb_IMG_3308_1024.jpgIf you wake early enough, you’ll find frost on desert flowers in the mining region.thumb_IMG_3276_1024.jpgAnd when I return home, it’s time to stop and smell the roses.thumb_IMG_3273_1024.jpg

No medication can match the effectiveness of these strategies, for me.

Part of the journey was letting go of what I knew and stepping into the unknown.  I found it was not a bad place to be!

I’m no longer a nervous traveller.  A stormy sky no longer makes me anxious.  I’ve learned to trust.  It is as big a step, as learning to forgive.  I found when you do, you give yourself an amazing gift.

You start to live.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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