Batten down!



I tried to leave home before the storm hit.  The weather bureau predicted it was severe and one of two such storms in a given year.  The message was simple.  “Batten down!”  For once, the prediction was correct.  The rain, a deluge, forced me off the road and forced me to seek shelter at a petrol station off the highway, as did the 100 km/hour high winds.  I got to Bunbury just before it got too dark.

DSCN8407.jpgThis sunset at Back Beach in Bunbury, did, however, salvage the day for me.  It was cold.  It was wild.  It was magnificent.DSCN8353.jpgThe storm passed over night.  The next day I went to Big Swamp after work.  There seemed to be more swamp hens than I’ve ever seen before.  I love them!  Usually shy, this one was bold and sounded a raucous warning of my presence.DSCN8366.jpgThe path to the water is decked with winter colours.DSCN8359.jpgThe purple pea flower was prolific winding over shrubs and trees.DSCN8371.jpgI’m not sure what this plant is called but it is unusual.  Flowers grow on stalks that are on both sides of the leaf.

I returned home with the knowledge, it is spring next month.  Until then, one can only hope, rain means more wildflowers this year.  My work will be taking me to them.  I can’t wait!

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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