A gentle dove, came my way


I walked around the garden this morning and found I was wrong the other day.  The little nest I had found previously did not belong to a honeyeater, it belongs to the pair of spotted doves that live in my backyard.  They are now a family of three!

They reminded me of a gentle dove that came my way recently …


On one of my  trips, I disembarked from the plane and realised I was unable to pick up my light camera bag.  A sharp pain and loss of power in my arm took me by surprise.  As the hours progressed I was incapacitated.  With my neck and shoulder grotesque with swelling and pain every time I moved, I was convinced I had broken my collar bone.  I sat up all night and waited for day break to see the doctor.  If I thought I had been through a nightmare, I was wrong, the worst of it awaited me in the morning as I hadn’t anticipated the challenge of dressing.

I slipped off the bed gently then proceeded to dress, muscle memory taking over my movements.  I had to stop immediately.  Befuddled by pain I had to develop another strategy and, mindfully, engage in a new set of motor planning sequences.  It took me the best part of an hour to do what I usually do in 30 secs flat.  I was dressed!  I was elated!  Fortunately, the X-ray came back clear.  I had hurt myself, but how and when, remained a mystery.  I had time to rest and recovered well.

I was in a small town where people didn’t know me.  More importantly, I didn’t know any of the medical services and was lost in town trying to find them.  I felt alone in my hour of need.  Yet, where ever I turned for help, a stranger came to my aid.  When I got to the doctor’s surgery I was in tears of frustration and pain.  The receptionist took me to a room for privacy, gave me a drink of water, held my hand and said she would stay with me until a nurse arrived.  She didn’t have to do this.  This came from her gentle heart.

Today, reflecting on the kindness of strangers fills my heart and home with light.  I believe, in a time of need, it is the gentle touch of human hands that makes a difference.  Perhaps this comes from my upbringing.  I was raised to believe, one cannot repay kindness.  One passes it on.  I strongly believe, what the receptionist gave me, is something she had experienced herself, at some stage of her life.

May you have an opportunity today, to comfort another.

Until next time

a dawn bird



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