Kovu, our little heir apparent

Yesterday I went straight from the airport to my son and his fiancee’s place to greet the new arrival.  They have two birds, three cats and claim, their family is now complete!

thumb_IMG_3567_1024.jpgThis is Kovu.  He is a chocolate labrador.  To say we are all smitten is putting it mildly.  I could not get enough photographs!

thumb_IMG_3576_1024.jpgWe squealed in whispers.  “Oh! look at those soft ears!”, “What big paws he has for a pup!”, “Oh, look, he just turned over!”.  Everything about him was a magic moment.

We are hoping to enjoy many more.

Thank you RDP!  Today’s prompt could not have been more timely and appropriate.  I could hardly wait this morning to share our joy with you.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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