Lessons from a sundew

I’ve driven through shocking weather in the past two days.  To add to my dismay while I was away I missed seeing the massive meteorite that lit up suburbs in Perth.  (The hunt is on to see where it landed).

On my return home I looked through my photographs.  To be honest, I can’t complain.  Mother Nature had been fair.  (I’m sure some of you will agree!).


It was cold in Narrogin.  I set my alarm for half an hour before day break to turn the heater on.  I waited for warmth before getting rugged up, a splash of cold water on my face and I was gone.  I waited in Foxes Lair for first light.  It had rained steadily all night but I managed to get about an hour of sunlight before work.

I found myself entranced by the sundew that grows wild in these parts.  Here are some of the lessons I learned that morning.

DSCN9872.jpgSometimes when fragile, we all need something strong and steady to lean on.DSCN9891.jpgEven flowers unfurl in the faintest sunlight, so be generous with yours.DSCN9901.jpgWe all bloom at different times.DSCN9908.jpgSimplicity is best.

I’ve taken hundreds of photographs that I’ll keep sharing with you.  But …

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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