Oeuvre 2/2

To continue with Nature’s oeuvre at this time of the year …

There is no other way to describe finding wild orchids in the bush, except pure delight.  They are delicate and grow in harsh conditions.



DSCN9693.jpgThe donkey orchid is prolific.  This was was crusted with frost.DSCN9698.jpgThe shy cowslips that bloom in shady places.DSCN9723.jpgTo find a clump of them is special.DSCN9786.jpgThe clubbed spider orchid looks like a marionette.DSCN9817.jpgThe hooded jug orchids are beautiful in their own special way.DSCN9800.jpgThe tiny, tiny pink fairy orchid is in a class of its own.

Australia may have the big iconic landmarks of the Great Barrier Reef, the Sydney Opera House.  I’m here to tell you there’s more to see…

If you ever visit Western Australia, be sure you come in our spring.  If you love flowers, there is no where else on earth quite like it.

I’m off now to share more of Nature’s oeuvre … I’ll be home soon.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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