Shell Beach, Western Australia

This is Shell Beach in Western Australia.  Given my love for beach combing, I was anticipating paradise.  It was.DSCN7586.jpgThe beach is 60km long and the coquina shells are about 10m deep.  One needs sunglasses here!  It is sheer brilliance.DSCN7574.jpgThe sea did not look too far away, but it was a deceptively long walk.  DSCN7577.jpgInterestingly, the wind has furrowed long gullies, so one disappears from sight while walking towards the ocean, dipping and surfacing, like a fun ride.DSCN7607.jpgTrillions of shells as far as the eye can see.DSCN7591.jpgAnd shells within shells.DSCN7599.jpgWe reached the water finally.  The colours of blue, beautiful.DSCN7601.jpgThe sea shimmered like plastic wrap.DSCN7628.jpgOn one ridge, I found spring in a bed of shells.

Another item off my bucket list.  Well, maybe not off my list completely.  I’m going to visit again.  The serenity of this beach, was amazing.

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a dawn bird



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