Where all roads take me …

I’m spending a few minutes reflecting on the past month.  I’ve travelled far and wide in the Midwest, the Wheatbelt, the South West and my usual trips to other places too.  There was so much I didn’t know about the State, so, although a bit tired, the travelling has been worth it.DSCN8462.jpgI found a sculpture in Kulin, left behind after the last ‘Blazing Swan’ festival.  The festival runs to a similar theme to The Burning Man.  This was the swan’s egg.  How did I not know about this festival!  When I returned home, I looked at the website.  It looks awesome!DSCN8554In the Wheatbelt I also watched some birds, like me, work hard to create their nest.DSCN8595.jpgThe wildflower season was ending in Mingenew in the Midwest, and although past their prime, some were still sunny side up.DSCN8600.jpgWhile in other places, there was harmonious diversity in all colours.DSCN8613.jpgI came across details in tiny insects that the naked eye could not see.DSCN8639.jpgI walked along the walking trail high above West Beach in Esperance where teenage surfers start their day and where I like to start mine.  They stick together in a pod and have each other’s back.  Earlier this year a Great White hung around for hours just 100 metres from shore.  Although I watch them with a mother’s eye, I can’t help but admire their youthful dare.DSCN8657.jpgI’ve come across extraordinary, in the ordinary.  Reminders for me that any job is ordinary, but how we perceive what we do, takes it to another level.DSCN8662.jpgI examined the wonderful weirdness of Nature closely and found I was wrong, there’s nothing weird about delicate intricacy.DSCN8850.jpgThe striking vividness of colour on shrubs stopped me in my tracks.DSCN8935.jpgAnd also when I caught sight of an errant Running Postman on the ground.DSCN8898Color in nature can be striking when plain.DSCN8930.jpgOr subtle in varying hues.DSCN8954.jpgThere are also some attention seekers saying, ‘look at me’!DSCN8958.jpgAnd just when I thought I was alone while bush walking, I realised, I had company.

I’ve found a way to generate balance in my day.  These moments of mindfulness, usually first thing in the morning, add an extra dimension to my day and what I do for a living.

Over the years I’ve come to the understanding, in those moments of mindfulness, all else falls away.

I’m off today and before the end of the month will have completed three more trips.  But tonight in keeping with a balanced life, it will be room service and rubbish TV!

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



4 thoughts on “Where all roads take me …”

  1. Esperance was an old stomping ground work-wise, so too the wheat-belt, I miss it as it was a fabulous time out there, the wildflowers and birds in particular, I found it healing, loved this post for that reason.

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