Where rivers meet …

I started this blog for my children.  I wanted to share my journey with them.  And, also my travels.  I wrote with no other audience in mind.  I’m not even sure how the first reader found my blog months, maybe even over a year after I started it.  I am a shy person by nature, this anyone who knows me well, will tell you.  But now each time I broadcast to an unknown audience, I sense an intimacy, a sense of connectivity, as I invite them into my world.  The urge to share this wonderful country with others is a special joy whenever I blog, even if it is through imagery.  I try not to boast but, honestly, I cannot imagine living anywhere else on planet earth.  This I say with hand on heart.  I’ll tell you why.

Let me take you to Wyndham.  “Wyndham?!”  West Australians will say with some incredulity in their voice.  Yes, Wyndham.  Established during the gold rush in the area in 1886, it is a town of some historical importance.  I went there about two years ago.  I wanted to see the Big Crocodile.  And, didn’t.  I was surprised to learn we had parked near it … and I missed it!  The very thought of it makes me laugh to this day.thumb_IMG_3886_1024.jpgThe Big Croc is the first thing you see as you enter the small town of less than 800 people.  To quote the late Steve, Crikey!  How did I miss this!  It is so huge I couldn’t get the whole sculpture in the frame.  thumb_IMG_3885_1024.jpgBeing off season, there was nothing open.  The supermarket, too, shut early.  Someone told us about a bakery, just down the road, they said.  We soon saw the sign.  We knew immediately, we were far from home.thumb_IMG_3883_1024.jpgThis was outdoors on the way to the loo!  Yes this is crocodile country, as if one could forget.  There are reminders everywhere.DSCN9464.jpgOne of the things I wanted to show my travelling companion was the view from the Five Rivers Lookout.  Because I had been here during the day, I was yearning to see it at sunset, too.  I knew it would be amazing.  The road up the the lookout, which is around 330 metres above sea level and the highest point of the town, is narrow and winding.  The views across the mud flats, stunning.  I’m surprised there are not more accidents as people peer over the edge.DSCN9467.jpgWe were taking in the sheer expanse of country where the rivers Ord, Pentecost, King, Durack and Forrest join forces to meld into the Cambridge Gulf.  The waters must be teeming with crocs.  There was an abattoir here once.  The crocs remember this.  They often hang around the jetty, although the abattoir closed its doors in the mid 1980s.  We were taking in the views when I saw them.  I could not believe my eyes.  A tiny rock wallaby seated high above the town.  Can you spot it on the rock between the two trees, just above the 2 in the date?DSCN9440.jpgThey were part of a small group, some as tiny as a cat.  DSCN9454.jpgTheir coats looked soft and fluffy with beautiful markings.  Their feet dipped in dark chocolate.DSCN9455.jpgThe eyes large and luminous.DSCN9473.jpgLook at that pose!DSCN9479.jpgThey were nimble among the high rocks and perfectly comfortable in our company.DSCN9445.jpgOne even sat facing us.  Our delight, the evening’s entertainment, it would seem!thumb_IMG_3880_1024.jpgSoon it was sunset.  The sun slipped away beyond the five rivers.  DSCN9481A red disc dazzled in the darkened sky.  It was time to leave.

I’ve seen many Kimberley sunsets.  The thing I know for sure.  You can walk away from that sunset, but it is a memory you can never leave behind.

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11 thoughts on “Where rivers meet …”

    1. I’ve never seen them before and thought they were absolutely adorable and so unafraid, unlike kangaroo that are shy.
      Saltwater crocs are highly dangerous and, yes, people do, as we say, ‘get taken’ by them. I once took a pic at a croc park of one lunging out of a pool. Lucky shot only because it startled me so!
      I’d travel that far again just to experience that sunset. It was wonderful. There were other folks there and typical Aussie style, having a cool beer! We were sorry we didn’t think of that!

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