At day break today …

I woke at first light, at 4:40 am and headed to Woody Lake this morning in Esperance.  It was my goodbye visit, at least, for this year.  The smaller birds were out and about.  A lone pelican claimed the lake.  I claimed the rest of the reserve shared with birds.  DSCN9882.jpgThe tiny silvereye was young and bold, sitting exposed and facing the sun.DSCN9904.jpgThe Willy Wagtail chick was shiny as a new penny …DSCN9905.jpglooking intently into the distance with wisdom in beady eyes.DSCN9909.jpgThe young crested pigeon was gorgeous with ruffled feathers.DSCN9945.jpgWhat delighted me the most was the juvenile grey fantail.DSCN9950.jpgThis little one had the sweetest call, an overture that filled the canopy it sat underneath.DSCN9951.jpgThen a moment of quiet, except for my heartbeat.DSCN9957.jpgThe young wattle bird found a perch here and there on banksia cones.  The distinctive metallic call silenced, or perhaps not yet developed.DSCN9964.jpgThis is the first time I’ve seen a Western spinebill and try as I may, I could not get a better pic but I know I’ll be back next year for it.

I was busy this trip being my last for a couple of months.  Plenty of things that needed tidying up.  I returned to my hotel each evening, too tired to go out, even for a massage.  I saved my energy for this morning.  The sights and sounds were a revelation.  I saw new life everywhere.  It was exactly what I needed.  This is the lure of bush walking.  The message is always a simple one for me.  Be prepared to connect.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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