I love fireworks but avoid events in the city due to the parking and transport hassles.  A couple of years ago I happened to be in Bunbury, some two hours south of home.  My hotel was along the estuary and I found I was there on a night of fireworks.  I didn’t have to fret about parking, I just strolled to the foreshore.  Families started to arrive.  Picnics were set out. Music and laughter floated by.

The evening was warm, the memory of the event, warmer.DSCN7685.jpgI sat on the shore and watched children skimming rocks, while Bunbury Tower dominated on the horizon,DSCN7690.jpgWay across the water, people enjoyed a fun ride, sliding upwards on this lit pole and then being swung in circles.  I can only imagine the views from up there.DSCN7707.jpgSoon the clouds cleared.  The music reached a crescendo.  Sprays of colours bloomed in the air.  Rockets sped upwards leaving whistling sounds in its wake before exploding in a boom.  The children screamed louder with delight.

Captivated by the awe of the moment, the child in me did too.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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