This rhythm, life

January was to be a quiet month of settling into my home.  But eight days down I have already made my first trip, this time to Geraldton, in the Midwest and have more visits to come.  I had also planned to complete all reports pending from last year and ploughing my way through the mountain.  I’ve been less productive than I hoped I would be.  Perhaps, this is just the aftermath of holidays or the heat that’s slowing me down.  As I lumber on, I thought I’d stop and reflect on the rewards that await me should I stay on task.DSCN7513.jpgThe feel of walking bare feet on sea debris.DSCN7426.jpgSeeing my touchstone again on Cable Beach, before it is permanently part of the sea.  (I’ve written about this rock platform in a previous post, titled Narratives).DSCN7535.jpgExperiencing a moment when a tiny Lesser Sand Plover, stands like a mountain before me.DSCN7913.jpgStanding below a red collared lorikeet in Kununurra wondering how did it get that shaggy look!DSCN8202.jpgLooking into the glassy eyes of the Inland Thornbill.DSCN8314.jpgExperiencing the delight at finding a button quail on the front lawn of a hotel, so tiny, I thought it was a mouse.  The mother quail stayed a fraction longer, so I could take a picture of her beautiful feathered herringbone cloak.DSCN8221.jpgSpending time with kingfishers, silent in trees above me.DSCN8355.jpgAnd in the Midwest, where the only clouds are between wheat fields and sky.DSCN8307.jpgWaking to find the colours of sunset at my doorstep, at dawn.DSCN7790.jpgSpending time at the beach where I am 20 feet tallerDSCN7813.jpgand knowing my heart is whole again.DSCN7783.jpgThese joys await in the not too distant future, I know for sure.  But for now, like the tiny Lesser Sand Plover I’ll ignore the waves of work and focus on just what’s before me.  Work.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird





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