I wake to this each day

DSCN9117.jpgBorn at dawn, I wake at dawn each day.  When I’m not home the last thing I do before I go to bed is check the time for first light and sunrise.  I then set my clock to five minutes before.  I can’t think of one reason why I should stay in bed, when this is outside my hotel room in Esperance.DSCN9988.jpgAt home one of my pet peeves is turning on the light when it is still dark in the home.  I love the quiet moment of ambivalence of darkness before light.  I sit and enjoy my coffee while the shadows take shape.  As I sipped my coffee I inhaled the unmistakable breathtaking perfume of jasmine.  To my left, just beyond the patio, I caught a glimpse of white.  The light scatter of petals will be a dense carpet soon.DSCN9989.jpgAs I walked around a garden, cooled by the sprinklers overnight, my eyes were drawn to new growth.  My heart space has taught me, the freshest growth is where the plant is pruned the harshest.  A take away message today for me.DSCN7075.jpgNature has taught me to seek an ebullient moment, at least once each day.  If you’ve ever watched birds early morning, you’ll know where the teaching came from.DSCN9916.jpgI often photograph surfers early morning in Esperance.  Surfers walk into the water to be one with it, whereas I, a non-swimmer, stand away from the roiling waves in awe.  The draw to the sea, the fear and fascination, that pull from one to the other is inexplicable.  Much like a surfer, I surrender to joy of seduction, when I’m in that moment of play.

May you too wake seeking a moment like this, each day.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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