I thought I’d wake feeling like this.

I’ve had a weekend of near 100% detox.  I didn’t quite make it for both days.  I went out to lunch with family and in my defense, I did cut out the usual suspects, minimised what I ate (piece of grilled chicken) and enjoyed their company instead.

What the weekend showed me is that I did not lose any energy and detox had a positive impact on my mood.  I did not crave three coffees in the morning.  I did not crave my usual  3pm cuppa in the afternoon.  This morning I’m energised and productive.  I’ve already completed one report.  My mind is clear.  I can focus.  I’m not craving anything, not even coffee.  The first thing I did was reach for water.  I always enjoy a quiet moment on the sofa at dawn.  Today, I enjoyed the moment for longer.  I felt at peace.  There was no urgency to my day.  I felt 24 hours is a long time to accomplish my goals for today.  I did not feel a sense of euphoria (that hunger can bring on).  Just peace.

I’ve been exposed to several different cultures and faiths.  Most of them practice abstinence, meditation, silence, and fasting, followed by a celebration of some kind.  I suspect there is more than a faith based reason for this.

What this weekend also taught me.  I need to inform my family when I’m having a weekend detox.  I never refuse meeting my children for a meal because we are all busy and meeting becomes a logistical challenge for all.  As my work schedule takes shape for the year, I also need to be more prepared for those days I may be home.  So a freezer of frozen broth is on the to do list, this week.

What I found really challenging was limiting fruit.  I love eating fruit every day.  So I kept the mantra in my head going, “It’s only two days”.   It helped.

Will this become part of my health regime.  Yes, definitely.  I can see value in this.  All I needed was planning to make it possible.  Now, that’s sorted, I need to fine tune me.

Can I step it up and abstain from screen devices and enjoy absolute silence and solitude?  I’m up for that challenge!

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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