Through new lens

This post comes with a warning.  There are a lot of photographs to scroll.  I’m enjoying a moment of indulgence.  Why haven’t I seen these before?DSCN8599I’m an amateur at photography.  I don’t have a clue about what I’m doing so it was a delight playing with light.  I love the glowing crown on this little silvereye.DSCN8938Can a duck have too many colours?  I’ve seen these ducks so often but never really noticed this.DSCN8625.jpgI love these pink gum flowers.  It’s a pink I would not dare to wear. (Having said that, maybe I will, one day).DSCN8650.jpg
I love camelias.  I once met a family at a conference who had twin young adult sons.  One completing honours at university, the other either homeless or in and out of psychiatric facilities with schizophrenia.  I planted two camelia bushes in my garden.  One for each of them.  One flourished.  The other did not, but did not die.  I never knew, which was which.  I still think of the young men.DSCN8998.jpgOne of my favourite flowers is the Geraldton Wax.  They have been planted along the freeway to reduce sound.  The shrub grows high and wide.  In spring, they are covered in flowers and make a beautiful vase of cut flowers.  I’m planning to have one or two of them in my garden.  I especially love the white flowers.DSCN9420.jpgIt was winter in Margaret River when I rugged up and went for a bush walk.  This caught my eye in the garden as I headed out.  I had never seen a fig growing on a tree before.  Luscious little thing!DSCN9432.jpgI recall this flower was tiny.  It took ages to get this pic.  Worth it, I think.DSCN9124.jpgThese snowdrops bloom in August at my front door.  Why don’t they all droop, head down while others perk up to light? Perhaps they are a reminder, hold on, spring is next.DSCN9424.jpgI’ve grown to be curious about lichen.  I love the ‘colonies’ that coat limbs.  In nature, life goes on.  There is no death.  Or perhaps, there’s life, in another form.

Without a security blanket, I think I’ll take that thought to bed.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


11 thoughts on “Through new lens”

  1. Marvelous photos – beauty abounds! I love waxflower, which we use here as a ‘filler’ in floral arrangements. I think it smells like bubblegum! Interesting that it is used as a sound barrier. Happy weekend to you!

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