I have yet to get to Narrogin well before dark to enjoy Foxes Lair at leisure.  I’m always pressed for time and promise myself, I’ll do better next month.  I was in Narrogin a few days ago.  I drove into town just before it got too dark for me to drive through the reserve.  What I saw fulfilled me, much like a sacred communion does.DSCN7633.jpgI caught the last rays of sun through these flowers.  Love the detail in the leaves.DSCN7696.jpgThe bush is getting ready for autumn.  The sphere banksia groves were a brilliant green lace.DSCN7761.jpgIt was late at dusk.  The bush was quiet.  The birds were resting, their day done, when I saw this Painted Lady flower vine climbing up a tall tree, the limbs looked frosted but on zoom, the flowers were gorgeous in detail.  These flowers are quite small and grow in clumps.

I have become accustomed to the sounds in this reserve.  My hearing is acute.  I’ve learned not to startle at the sound of rustling leaves.  If I listen, the rustle is usually followed by a rhythmic bounce that can only mean one thing, kangaroo.DSCN7635.jpg
This time it was different.  Sitting in my car I heard subtle nibbling grass sounds.  I peered around me.  Nothing!  Must be a rabbit, I thought.  I leaned back in the car and rested when this took shape.  Oh! the thrill!DSCN7637.jpg
They were just beautiful.DSCN7657.jpg
This little one is learning to be discerning.  His ears twitched, one this way and the other, that, with mother nearby, doing the same.

I’ve travelled to the Eastern Wheatbelt and south west region, hitting several towns in a few days.  Many, many kilometres on my own.  I loved it!

I spent last night in Bunbury.  Weary, I treated myself to a nice hotel room.  It was 8 pm before I realised I had not eaten all day.  The evening was warm, so I decided to walk into town and buy some dinner.  It felt exhilarating to walk at night on my own to the centre of town and not feel a skerrick of fear.  I have come a long way and my spirit celebrates this at every opportunity.

I’m off again tomorrow, this time east of Bunbury to Bridgetown, Greenbushes and Balingup, and, then to the coastal towns of Dunsborough and Busselton.  I hope to share some of my life on the road with you when I return.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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