Every step I take

While studying at uni, the pressures on me were crushing and having to raise children within a tight budget, the only affordable release I had was to go for a walk.  I did this three times a day, totalling 12 kms (approximately 7.5 miles) every day.  I walked fast as if it would distance me from all that overwhelmed me on the day.  I was slender as a reed.

Now my steps are more measured.  And, despite the frenetic pace of professional life, my personal life, is measured too.  I touch base with me when I walk.  It is meditative.  I am whole.  It renews me.  My pace is slow.  Of course the down side is, I am no longer slender as a reed!

I’ve been in Esperance for the last few days and returned home this afternoon.  It was cloudy but warm and balmy and quite unusual for that town.  As is my routine, I woke early this morning and headed out to the Bay and my other favourite spots.  I love to walk here in the mornings.DSCN8263.jpgThe Whale Tail is iconic.  I’d love to rip up every other structure within sight so the beauty of this sculpture can be fully appreciated.DSCN8274.jpgBefore dawn, the colours across the Bay were beautiful in pale blues and greys.  This is a town where I feel so safe and secure.  It is my soft place to land each month.DSCN8366.jpgI walked around Windabout Lake where the pelicans cruised like ocean liners.DSCN8339.jpgAcross the board walk, the bankia cones were everywhere.DSCN8342.jpgAnd just when I thought I was alone!DSCN8343.jpgA joey.  Look at those eyes!

I’ve come to realise when I go for a walk each day, there is so much about me I leave behind intentionally.  I know a walk in nature, is where I find the authentic me.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


3 thoughts on “Every step I take”

    1. So glad to hear this, Paul. My aim is always to get people to experience nature, not just for recreational pursuits, but to really experience it. That’s when it becomes truly restorative. Sounds like you know what I’m talking about.

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