Morning vs dawn

There was a time in my life when working full time, completing studies and raising little children on my own, was crushing my spirit.   Each day I’d wake and knew the work commitments were going to be the same as the day before and without any respite.  Had I known then it would be 13 years before I had a holiday, I would never have gotten out of bed.

On Sunday night I went to bed early.  The week ended with me driving many kms.  I take care of myself when I have to drive.  On Monday morning I ran through my schedule for the days ahead.  I snuggled deeper in bed or perhaps it was the weight of commitments that kept me there longer.  In the dark I sneaked a peek at the clock. thumb_IMG_4477_1024.jpgIt was pre-dawn. thumb_IMG_4478_1024.jpgI opened the blinds wider and was greeted by dawn over a sleeping town.

I felt blessed because I no longer wake to mornings.  I wake to dawn and therein lies a difference.  Mornings were part of schedule.  They came in rotation every 24 hours.  They were predictable.  They were busy.

Dawn is my muse.  I am creative and productive at dawn.  I look forward to dawn each day because I know it will be different.  Endless hours of therapy could not have awakened this in me.  It is something to be experienced in spirit, so I set off to experience this in Foxes Lair.DSCN8498.jpgI love the sound of my boots crunching on dirt tracks.  The sudden bounce of the shy kangaroo.  The sense of being alone but not lonely.  Birdsong in the tree canopy.DSCN8431.jpgTo me there is nothing more Wheatbelt that the sight of a pink galah in a gum tree.  This was a young one.DSCN8440.jpgIt was a fairy floss pink.DSCN8471.jpgFoxes Lair seemed like a bird nursery.  There were young ring neck parrots on the ground.DSCN8474.jpgThe little redcap parrot joined in.DSCN8482.jpgThe junior Western rosella was busy feasting on gumnuts before me.DSCN8493.jpgThen took it up on a tree to enjoy the rest of it.DSCN8510.jpgOnce it flew away I waited patiently in anticipation.  It returned in full view of me.  Pretty as a picture, don’t you think?

And this is how I started my day on Monday.

So who needs a holiday?  Not me!

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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