Carnarvon, Coral Coast

I flew to Carnarvon on Sunday.  With a cyclone further north I was not looking forward to the trip in a small plane but surprisingly, it was a pleasant flight.  We disembarked into a hot day and even hotter the next day (40 degrees celsius).

I do what I always do in Carnarvon.  Check in, buy fruit and water before the only supermarket closes for the day, and then head out to Pelican Point.  I love the sand and sea there.  It helps restore me to where I want to be.DSCN8611.jpgThe sand drift creates amazing dunes.  I’ve posted a pic in the previous post.  I sit for a few minutes enjoying the sea sculpt the land around me and then from the safety of my car (from all that sand), I love zooming in.  I know on busy days we love a beach walk, but did you know you walk on a bejewelled carpet?DSCN8617.jpgThe kite surfers loves this beach for the strong winds.  I just love it for what it is.  A shimmering sea.DSCN8619.jpgAs the day wound down I saw a grandmother fishing.  It flooded me with emotion.  She sat on a chair while wetting a line, the grandchildren were curious and ran around but checked in every few minutes.  A circle of security unfolding before me and such a wonderful memory for the grandchildren, of time spent with her.  I never knew my grandmothers, so I experienced this moment with a sense of joy and sadness.DSCN8622.jpgThe sunset across the water, where you’ll find Pelican Point, is always stunning.DSCN8630.jpgAnd, in the morning, the water is like glass.DSCN8668.jpgI love the mangroves as the waters recede.  I know the waterbirds love it too.  I don’t know how but I managed to see the tiny shoveller and got some beautiful pics.  For now, I’ll just share one with you.DSCN8646.jpgThe waterbird seemed more interested feeding on mud skippers than the crabs of which there were thousands.DSCN8739.jpgHad the crabs not been moving, I would not have seen them either.  In some places they looked like a carpet being lifted as they crawled across undulating mud flats.

I returned home yesterday to the usual flurry of home tasks.  I woke at 5 am this morning.  The home was dark and silent as I walked among familiar shadows.  The traffic on the freeway was still faintly audible, despite the distance from home.  The birds were not yet awake.  I drank a cup of coffee and planned the morning, the usual plan for home, laundry, tidy up, pay bills etc.  It’s a different gear shift.

I’m off again today, this time to the Midwest, and to experiences I love there too.  I hope to bring back some of those, to share with you.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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