The black crowned night heron

It is said successful people are good at delayed gratification.  I watched a night heron at dawn when I was in Carnarvon and wondered if this is true for birds, too.DSCN8691.jpg
On the mud flats I saw a shape I didn’t recognise and zoomed in to find a black crowned night heron.  DSCN8728.jpg
Low on his haunches, it stalked the puddles.DSCN8759.jpg
Then he went to the open waters and sat still at the edge.  The river mullets skidded over water, just out of reach.  He watched intently.DSCN8762.jpg
He watched and waited then gave up and returned to where he started.DSCN8722.jpg
He ignored the tiny crabs of which there were thousands.DSCN8705.jpg
And then in an instant his neck extended almost longer than the length of his body.  He caught a mud skipper and swallowed it whole.

The patience of this bird was remarkable.  I nearly clapped and shouted “bravo”!

My camera is charging and I’m packing for another trip tomorrow.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


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