Ah! April!


April is a month of celebration in my family.  We have two family birthdays, including mine, and I have several friends who celebrate a birthday this month too.  Three of whom celebrate a birthday on the same day as me.

I also got married in April.  I’m grateful I met my husband and we had a family.  We also enjoy a good relationship and have been able to co-parent without drama.  He is a good father to our children and they love and respect him.  I still appreciate his humor, at least, most of the time!  One cannot ask for more.

I survived a major traffic accident in April, many years ago, and given a new lease on life.  It is something I have written about in another post because it changed my life in many ways.  Years later, when it gets cooler, my movements are slower when I recall the accident in pain.  The upside is I was given a financial compensation that helped me buy my first home in the days when it was almost unheard of for a single woman to get a mortgage.

April is often a month of chocolates! What’s not to love about this!

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, April may signal spring.  For us in the Southern Hemisphere, it is autumn.  A time to look forward to the new.

Easter often comes around in April.  For those who celebrate Easter, it is a time to experience reflection, renewal and hope.

It starts getting cooler in the Southern Hemisphere around this time of year.  I always seem to feel the first chill in the Wheatbelt where the horizon hides nothing and space takes charge.  I know how beautiful it can be at dawn and I rug up and head out to get a photograph or two.  It is a time when I practice what I preach.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird


7 thoughts on “Ah! April!”

  1. Good post. I like to think about our contrasting seasons. Before blogging, I scarcely gave the world a thought. I’ve since learned a lot about the world through the eyes (well, words) of bloggers. I love it!
    So Happy Birthday, etc. this April. Enjoy!

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