Pelican power

DSCN9055.jpgMy trip to Esperance was a whirl.  The flight in was rough and as we jostled along into descent I calmed my nerves by thinking about Lake Windabout.  ‘

The flight was late coming in and there was only a short window of light before dusk.  I headed to the lake from the airport to a find about a dozen pelicans.  The water was pewter in fading light.  The pelicans, a beautiful contrast.

I like reading about the symbolism of birds.  I thought is was interesting that the only birds I saw this time (other than persistent photo bombing seagulls), were pelicans.

Pelicans are collaborative birds who work to the other’s strengths and skills.  They herd fish and share the bounty.

It’s interesting because at the end of a challenging two day clinic, a colleague sent me a TED talk link.  We both work well together.  And, we do because we work collaboratively.  There’s strength in this, another symbolic feature of a pelican.

Interestingly, my business slogan is:  “Working collaboratively, works best”.

If the pelicans were there to ‘speak’ to me symbolically.  All I can say is, copy that!

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



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