So shall you reap …

There was a time in my life when I was impatient for the weekend.  Weekends were a time for cooking and baking.  I always enjoyed taking food or baked goods in to work for morning tea or meetings, but with frequent travel, this is no longer possible.  I know one day, I will again.

My retirement dream is to live somewhere in the South West of this State and bake cakes and supply them to the local cafe.  That is my Lotto dream!  (Oh! and a live in masseur as well!).458365_406422052703396_1493320481_o.jpgI made this special cake for my future daughter in law.  She had just started dating my son and we surprised her with a dinner for her 21st.  It was a chocolate cake layered with a hazelnut meringue, chocolate ganache and raspberries.  An original!467614_384877168191218_740109333_o.jpg
My daughter went through a phase where she loved cupcakes.  So I made this cupcake tower for her birthday.  Passionfruit/lime, chocolate, lemon curd, orange poppyseed.  They all went down a treat!468340_384877528191182_407982071_o.jpg
A colleague at work was turning 29.  We had a little boy’s themed morning tea for him.  He wanted me to bake a Thomas the Tank Engine cake.  Way too complex for me, so I created this little sweetheart instead.

As a child the themes of caring for children, cooking and playing doctor to my 17 dolls were strong.  It seems I did not have to wait too long.  The journey from childhood to adulthood was short, as is the journey back again.

Nothing much has changed in the interim.  I love being a mother.  I love cooking/baking for others.  And, I love what I do for a living.

The seeds were all sown when young.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

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