Cee’s Flower of the day challenge – 27 April, 2019 – Wild Orchid


Western Australia is renowned for its wild flowers, with many species not found elsewhere.  Among the thousands of species of wildflowers there are several hundred species of orchids.  Often found growing among leaf debris in the bush, the wild orchid is a thing of beauty.

a dawn bird

In response to Cee’s Flower of the Day – FOTD – Challenge

8 thoughts on “Cee’s Flower of the day challenge – 27 April, 2019 – Wild Orchid”

      1. Although I dislike the mozzies, I usually go looking for them at Manea Park. Any other tips for the region?
        I hear the orchids may be fewer this year in Narrogin region due to lack of rain.


      2. Yes, the Tuart walk between Usher and Dalyellup, the walk at the back of the Grammar school just off Hastie. Lots between Donnybrook and Capel in the state Forrest. One of the best years down here was 2017, one of the largest flowering’s across the southern half. We went up to Nungarin, Bonnie Rock and upwards to see the usual flowers, but were also ecstatic on discovering clump on clump of orchids, one of my fave flowers.

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      3. Thanks, for the tips. I’m excited!
        Yes 2017 was amazing, across the Midwest too. Like a florist shop. I’m headed to Coorow area soon, but too early I think.


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