A wedding in the family

It’s the morning after the reception.  The bridal party is ‘debriefing’ in the other room.  My home is filled with voices and laughter.  I’m sipping champagne as I write.

Do marriages extend families or divide them?  Having straddled two cultures for most of my life, I’m inclined to borrow the best from both cultures I’ve been exposed to.  I now have a daughter-in-law and it fills me with emotion.  I am committed to loving her, as if she is my own.  A special privilege and one I don’t take lightly.thumb_IMG_4967_1024.jpgIt was a joyous occasion.  The best thing I did was step out of the picture and let the night be what the young couple envisaged for themselves.  By all accounts, it was everything and more what friends expected of them.  There were no dramas as seen in ‘reality TV’.  Just a lot of laughter, at times chaos, and oh yes, the rings were left on the bench at home.  There was a quick reaction from others who offered theirs, and most guests thought it was part of the lighthearted fun!  It wasn’t!  The celebrant (a friend of the couple) covered the gaffe with aplomb!thumb_IMG_4938_1024There were tiny personal touches like the confetti made from cut out fallen leaves.DSCN9679.jpg
The bride looked stunning. thumb_IMG_4962_1024.jpgMuch like me, she believes fairy tales can come true, so the theme of her dress was princess.  She bought a vintage dress, handpicked it and created a dress she always dreamed of.  She floated down the grassed aisle like she walked on clouds.thumb_IMG_4980_1024.jpgAnd, yes, there was cake!  Also made by the bride.  DSCN9695.jpgMy daughter was part of the group made up of “best people”, not gender specific of best man and bridesmaid.  It was a special night that included their father and his current partner.  I’m sure he felt as proud of them, as I felt.  I was even more proud of my son for acknowledging his father’s partner because she has been a presence in their lives for over ten years.  For a brief moment, we were family again, the boundaries set years ago, made seamless by the joy of the occasion.

I believe my family has grown.  Today, I am richer because of it.

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a dawn bird


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