Written in lines

Cape Gooseberry, yet to fruit in my garden.DSCN7354.jpg
Whitebreasted woodswallows, in the Kimberley region.  Keeping together.DSCN8593.jpg
Love lines in the sand, Carnarvon, Western AustraliaDSCN9789.jpg
Solo mother, doing it for herself.thumb_IMG_1851_1024.jpg
Camel lines on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia.

Hurried post.  Hope you enjoy!

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Judy Dykstra-Brown’s Photo Challenge:  All Lined Up

21 thoughts on “Written in lines”

      1. It’s my belief that everyone is an artist, it’s just that some never find their medium. I didn’t know I was an artist until in my later thirties when I started taking metalsmithing. Then it all poured out. I’d always been doing two dimensional art and I’m definitely three-dimensional, but without a chance to work with materials, how does one know? You found yours in your camera.

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      2. Thank you Judy. One of our well known and loved authors from Perth, Elizabeth Jolley, published her first book in her 60s. Then, followed by many more.


      1. Yes, that’s strenuous by the sounds of it, but I gather you enjoy the variety and the challenge of the travel and so many lovely places too judging by the photos.

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