Last day of autumn

I’ve spent half of autumn in mining country north.  I’ve enjoyed this more than I can say.
DSCN7422.JPGI’ve enjoyed the gum trees road side along the highway in the Goldfields.  Gorgeous sky line.DSCN7403.JPGI took a lunch break at the lookout overlooking Lake Lefroy, a large salt lake near East Kambalda.DSCN7407.JPGOh! the colours of this landscape!DSCN7140.JPGAnd despite the big trucks, open skies, magnificent landscape and ‘earthy miners’, I managed to find this.  Invisible to the naked eye, I zoomed in to a speck thinking it was an insect, only to find it to be an exquisite flower.

Much like finding the tiny flower, there are other unexpected pleasures.  I’m going out to dinner tonight.  It will be nice to have company instead of eating alone.  Dinner and drinks sounds just about what I need right now, before winter kicks in tomorrow.  I’m not ready for it.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird






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