Beyond the deck …

Beyond the deck, life is …thumb_DSCN4978_1024.jpg
Photographing new growth after a bushfire, Esperance, Western Australia.thumb_IMG_0146_1024.jpg
Sampling beer tasting shots, Margaret River, Western Australiathumb_IMG_0250_1024.jpg
Walking along the Fascine at sunset, Carnarvon, Western Australia
Falling in love with life and love, iron ore freight lines, Pilbara region, Western Australiathumb_IMG_0867_1024.jpg
Cosy nights in … romantic B&B, Great Southern region, Western Australiathumb_IMG_0559_1024.jpg
Best of all … finding joy and purpose working with children, with special needs.

My life journey has not been linear.  The sharp twists and turns are now rounded curves.  What was, was meant to be.  This I accept because it has brought me to this point beyond the deck … a good place to be.

As always

a dawn bird

In Response to Judy Dykstra-Brown Photo Challenge: All Lined Up

14 thoughts on “Beyond the deck …”

  1. I had the most poignant twists of nostalgia in viewing your lovely moody shots, Dawnbird. Especially the pub one! I’ll always associate pubs with Australia. I emigrated there in 1971. Left in 1973 to travel the world and didn’t make my way back until after the year 2000. Many changes in the time period but I did connect with a few old friends. Very interesting response to the prompt. I love that everyone has been so unique in answering this challenge. Hope to see you here again.

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    1. You did see a fair bit. Western Australia is huge and diverse. Splendid in spring, cowboys and crocodiles in the north and whales in the south. Pretty stunning coast and bush, too. Maybe you’ll return one day!


  2. [About sampling beer tasting] Never seen that kind of ‘tray’. I wonder if it’s tailor-made (or if you have a specific term for a thing like that). Interesting, really. 🙂

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