The exchange – sea art

For some the value of the work is in the dollar.  I’ve long moved on from that exchange.  I still feel child-like excitement as I prepare for each trip, even if I’ve been to the same place three times in a month.  I always find something to look forward to.  Mostly, I anticipate the natural environment and find an anchor in something wherever I visit.

One of my favourite natural anchors is a rock platform I’ve written about in another post. The word prompt jogged my. memory of the moment of exchange.

It’s the end of a difficult day.  I have nothing else to anchor me except the memory of that sea art.  I do feel it is an unfair interaction when I visit it; the rock gives me so much more than I have to offer it.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Wednesday – Exchange

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