Home is, where the roses are

I have two and a half days at home before I leave again.  It is such a luxury that I woke this morning like it was Christmas and didn’t know which present to open first.  I gathered my thoughts and made a list that included some down time.  I’ve had a great day and feel rested.

On returning home from lunch it was like I saw my front garden for the first time.  My footsteps veered away from the front door and to the flowers.  The delicate roses survived the fiercest storm and that in itself, is a teaching moment.
thumb_IMG_5281_1024Some of the white iceberg roses are tinted in the palest pink.  They belong on a wedding cake.thumb_IMG_5283_1024.jpg
Some bloomed off course.  Something familiar, to me!
thumb_IMG_5291_1024Some were ethereal angels in flight.thumb_IMG_5289_1024.jpg
And others, so beautiful, even the bee stepped outside for perspective.

My focus today was one directional.  I set a task for myself to practice self-care and rest.  I achieved this without a twinge of guilt.  And, that’s how a day of rest should be.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Friday : Directional

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