Among trees, I breathe …


I love being in timber country.  I find something spiritual among trees, a healing presence.  I love being silent when walking or seated among tall trees.  My earliest memory of childhood is being draped over a low hanging branch of a guava tree and pretending I was a leopard and watched the activity down below me at the water tank.  I believe one is never alone or lonely in the company of trees.   DSCN0742.jpg
This is in the timber country of Collie, in the south west of Western Australia, one of my favourite places to visit in winter/spring.DSCN0757.jpg
I just love this region with eruptions of flowers.DSCN7575.jpg
Have you ever seen ducks in a tree!  Yes, ducks!  (middle of the pic).  I was walking through Foxes Lair early morning when I heard the nasally honking of the Australian shelduck.  I know a pair to live here and often watch them do a circuit over the tall gum trees.  This morning I thought there were more and could not believe my eyes!DSCN7578.jpg
How cool is this?!DSCN7598.jpg
I love the colours of the shelduck.  On a dismal day, they were vibrant.DSCN7592.jpg
I love how a fallen tree offers a place to rest.DSCN7593.jpg
And, gives one a moment to consider a fall can be graceful, too.DSCN7676.jpg
This is one of my favourite trees between Moora and New Norcia in the north east Wheatbelt.

I had gone further north on my recent trip and found myself in beautiful beige country, almost painted in water colours. It felt like I was driving live through Hans Heysen’s art.  Heysen was an Australian artist.  I absolutely love his work.  He knew the bush by heart.  I’m learning how to do this, too.

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a dawn bird

In response to Lens Artists Photo Challenge – Trees



7 thoughts on “Among trees, I breathe …”

  1. Trees have such wonderful spirit. I live in a large reforested area and love it. I wouldn’t ever want to live in a place that didn’t have lots of leafy trees around.
    Those ducks are lovely. We have several species here that nest in tree cavities. Nestlings literally throw themselves out soon after hatching, sometimes falling as much as 20′ to the leaf litter below. It’s a wonder that they bounce!

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