Things of wonder

I’ve been working on reports since 7 am and just coming up for air.  I browsed through my recent photographs and recalled the wonderful afternoon at Pebble Beach, just outside Exmouth, Western Australia, a place where I exhale.

There are beaches around the world made from pebbles.  For us in Australia it is a novelty, much like Shell Beach, in the Shark Bay area, which is made up of trillions of shells.  I love Pebble Beach!  It is about 13 km out of town and worth the trip as far as I’m concerned.  Although the road off the highway is unsealed, you no longer need a 4WD to access the entry to the area (if it hasn’t rained).thumb_IMG_5511_1024.jpg
The pebbles are all shapes and sizes, some exquisitely tiny.thumb_IMG_5499_1024.jpg
They look like a melange of sugared almonds.thumb_IMG_5503_1024.jpg
Some are the size of tiny potatoes, in colour, too.thumb_IMG_5508_1024.jpg
The pebbles are deposited at this beach by the tides that gather the stones from an escarpment, their journey, their narrative, told in touch and sight.  The stones are silky smooth and wonderfully tactile.  They are as soothing as handling ‘worry beads’.

What makes me bend down to pick one pebble over another is something I don’t know.  It is just a visceral response, a connection, inexplicable and an undefinable yearning that is deliciously soothing, once the pebble is in my hands.  Much like the simple reach, to walk hand in hand.

May your Sunday be one of wonder in simple things.

Until next time

a dawn bird

In response to One Word Sunday – Relax

14 thoughts on “Things of wonder”

  1. I love the delicious feel of smooth stones and a beach full of them is a memorable delight. I’m thinking of one in N.California, where they were all black and shot through with thin, white lines. A marvel to behold, both in sight and sound as the surf tossed to stones to and fro.

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    1. I can imagine. There’s a remote beach north of Broome that was full of shells and when the tide was pulling out, it sounded like music. I thought my companion’s phone was playing music and he told me it was the water coursing through the shells!


  2. I love pebbles wherever they are. Makes me smile because pebble beaches in Australia are the exception, where I went to the beach in England sand was the exception.

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