Walking into wellness

My son has been on a mission for several months and determined to get friends on a health kick.  He started a walking group for his gamer friends which has proved quite successful with the young men finding new tracks and trails in the city.  My son tells me they open up and talk and just enjoy being outdoors and have started to alternate the outdoors with indoor activities in poor weather, like indoor rock climbing, balance bar work, etc. thumb_IMG_5593_1024.jpg
Lake Monger, Perth, Western Australia
Today my son was determined to get me out walking too.  He is always concerned about my sedentary lifestyle, imposed on me due to my work.  Despite the clouds, he insisted we go to Lake Monger, a wetland area that is only about 5 kms from downtown Perth.
Lake Monger 2.jpg
I had forgotten how lovely this area is.  It was teeming with birds, some I had not seen before.  Because he insisted I leave my camera behind, today was for talking and walking, so we agreed to visit again, next time for photography.Lake Monger 1.jpg
I did manage to get a few pictures with my phone camera.  Such a peaceful place, right in the heart of the city.thumb_IMG_5624_1024.jpg
The gum flowers were coming into bloom.Lake Monger 3.jpg
The walking circuit is just under 4 kms.  My son and I were surprised I wasn’t exhausted, no muscle strain, no aching feet.  (I may feel differently in the morning!).  For years I’ve wanted to take part in charity walks but didn’t feel I was fit enough.  With camera in hand I’m often too preoccupied to walk fast enough to get my heart rate up.  I made a commitment today, I would set aside time to just walk.  Walking 4 kms today without effort proves I can do this.

But unfortunately I undid all the good exercise.  I was thirsty and indulged in a beautiful shiraz with my lunch!

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Tuesday: Strain

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