I fear …


Hi folks

I’ve been away from blogging for several weeks and returned to find news of someone ‘ghosting’ WP bloggers.  I found that disconcerting.

I started blogging for my children and not for stats but found myself enjoying being part of a community.  I have enjoyed your honesty, humour, pathos, poems, prose and photography and wish to continue our exchange.

If you have been a regular visitor to my blog, please feel free to send me a request as I will be putting my blog on private.  If I don’t respond right away life is keeping me away but I will respond.

It’s early morning where I am, and cold.  It will be colder without your company.  So with the bravery of a honest heart, I have to confess, right now, that’s the only fear I have.

Hope to have you knocking at my digital door sometime soon.

Until then

As always

a dawn bird

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In response to RDP Tuesday : Fear

7 thoughts on “I fear …”

    1. Another site was copying WP bloggers and giving credit and at times, not. Made me uncomfortable. I can’t seem to add you or other American bloggers. Will get some help.


  1. There was a lot of turbulence last week over what happened with Tygress. I think some bloggers have chosen to either make their blogs private or close them down all together.

    I have always enjoyed your posts Dawn, I would be pleased to continue following.

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