Life, as I know it now


There was a time in my life I loved real gems, in particular, diamonds, rubies and pearls.  I just loved them and couldn’t resist buying jewellery.  I’m not sure when my view on this changed but soon my wardrobe had a vastly different collection.

This necklace is my favourite accessory.  I can’t remember where I bought it.  It attracts comments from women, men and children, all strangers, who are drawn to the colours and style.  Children usually think the necklace is made from Smarties!

The necklace makes me feel good.  The Tree of Life has so many meanings.  When I’m feeling flat, it reminds me, what falls away makes way for new again.  I remember wearing it during one of my trips to Broome.  As I was walking along through the weekend markets, an elderly indigenous woman reached out and held it between her palms.  She held it for a few seconds, like she was seeking warmth from it.  She told me it was beautiful.  I said to her, “yes, it’s the tree of life”.  Our eyes held the gaze for a few seconds longer than they would have otherwise between strangers.  We were both silent and then she smiled, her energy bright.  In that brief exchange, we both knew exactly what that moment meant for each of us.

The other day I was comparing my blingy sandals with a little three year old girl’s glittering ballet shoes.  She couldn’t get enough of my clothes, stroking my linen dress and my bare arms, staring at my sandals.  She examined the necklace closely, so I gave the necklace to her to wear.  She cherished the gesture and wandered around the room, stopping only to look at her reflection in the glass door.  Her mother was concerned she would not return it to me!  But she did, and placing it around my neck, she looked me right in the eyes and said, “It’s beautiful!”. The shine in her blue eyes was brighter than any glittering diamond I have ever worn.

As I grow older, I’m so grateful my view on life has evolved to becoming more aware of what really counts.  Although there are days I have been struggling with the unknown and may not be as happy as I would like to be, I still get to experience joy.  And, that’s the view I’d like to share with you today.

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As always

a dawn bird

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