August, be gone!

I have to remind myself often, my shadow is bigger, wider and taller than me.  It is also a caricature of me, so I try to keep things in perspective.  But, there are some things that just drive me up the wall.  With apologies to those who work in the industry but dealing with car dealerships and telcos are high on my list.

August was a double whammy month and I admit I am slightly on edge these days but there are some things that would infuriate me anyway.

I bought a new iPhone the other day.  I could have waited a few more weeks and got the new version but I needed a phone as the older one was failing.  I use my phone as a phone mostly and it is my business lifeline.  Any glitch to the service drives me into an incoherent rant.  What I am still furious about is the young lady telling me the new phone “doesn’t have a SIM” and alluded there was no capacity for it and went on to talk about iCloud.  I later learned I needed to insert my old SIM into the new phone and side by side could upload everything to my new phone.  (Possibly something everyone else knows, except me!).  I left Perth with a new phone I could not use, a potential safety issue for me when I’m on the road.  So on my return to Perth I am quite sure the telco has a red Alert flag against my name!

I bought a new car a year ago.  The salesman told me it was a 3 year factory warranty and I could buy a further 2 years extended warranty.  He failed to tell me I was expected to service my car at their dealership for the entire five years.  Had he told me that, I would not have purchased the extended warranty as, given my work schedule, I get my car serviced where ever is convenient for me.  Yes, I lost it when they tried to strong arm me.  I called their corporate office in Sydney and raised the roof.  The corporate office agreed with me that the warranty should be honoured as long as I had it serviced at a recognised dealership and referred me back to their Perth office.  The dealership has backed down and not without me telling them I will never give them my business again.

I do react from a dark place.  I hate the fact that technology moves so fast and I can’t get my head around it.  I have other things that crowd my mind.  And as a single parent, female and my birth ethnicity does make me feel defensive when people try to take financial advantage of me and it is never more evident when I am buying a new car.

As a small business owner I know from my own experience ethical practice is its own reward.  But the erosion of ethics on so many levels and the normalisation and visibility of it becoming the norm is more than disheartening.

I’ll end on a happier note.  As I write my new front door is being installed.  And yes I said no to the electronic lock and security camera.  I opted for a lock and key and peephole!  I like some things the old fashioned way.  That’s how I roll and I’m okay with that.

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  1. the coming change in apple platform is that iTunes as a player will cease and the Apple Music app becomes the new player – but with apple pushing to get subs for apple radio by subscription.

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