Among grass trees …

DSCN7127.jpgI’m reading The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben at the moment and I cannot believe how moved I am by the book.  It should be mandatory reading for every leader and politician.  Excerpts of the book are also worth reading to children as a bedtime story so they can make dreams come true some day.

I am always comforted in the presence of trees.  I never feel alone when I am in a grove and seek this companionship when ever I can.  For example, my work in Esperance is always pretty full on and so on my way to the airport I invariably stop off at the Arboretum and I instantly feel a sense of being nurtured.  From the book, I now I know why.

The picture I share today is a landscape of grass trees along the Ocean Beach Road between Lancelin and Jurien Bay in Western Australia, north of home.  I love stopping here.  Early one morning there were hundreds if not thousands of kangaroo lounging about blended in the grass.  It is a serene place.  It is usually filled with silence.  It never fails to generate a sense of wonder and respect for ancient land.  I love that this space humbles me in the best way.

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a dawn bird

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8 thoughts on “Among grass trees …”

    1. I do love his work Eliza! Just savouring this book, line by line. There’s something very romantic and ancient about Joshua trees. Grass trees do the same for me … they are ancient and not easily transplanted.

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      1. I haven’t been through there for a few years now, we were going this year, but decided next year would suit the schedule much better.


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