This, too, is karma …

I’ve just returned from Esperance.  It is probably the first trip in dozens that I did not visit magnificent West Beach.  There was something in the air at Woody Lake that kept me there, something  more than the fact I was on my own at dusk and early morning.  I got there early and waited.  I’m not sure for what.  I just surrendered to the serenity of the moment that lasted two hours this morning.

The kangaroos were too quick to photograph and disappeared into the scrub before I could focus.  Soon there was birdsong.  Nothing I have heard before.  It was a nursery choir with unfamiliar sounds, all tuning up to perfect one day.  But not today.  Today, the off key cacophony made me smile.

The scrub was filled with little chicks.DSCN9080.jpg
Not yet afraid, the Silvereye held on …DSCN9120.jpg
To catch this tiny bird at breakfast with an even tinier spider made my day.DSCN9121.jpg
It was as curious about me as I was of it.  I wandered around for a couple of hours and as I was leaving I spotted something white in the scrub.DSCN9083.jpg
A tiny, fluffy grey fantail chick.DSCN9092.jpg
With sun beaming at, or was it from, her chest.  I was dazzled.DSCN9125.jpg
Another juvenile played hide and seek, with several attempts at spreading the tail.DSCN9095.jpg
There was another chickDSCN9183.jpg
And another, resting after play.DSCN9102.jpg
And my first ever glimpse of a juvenile cuckoo.

Where does this delight in birds come from?  Perhaps it is this …

As a child I yearned to be free.  Free as a bird I would say to my mother who tightened apron strings.  Even birds have to conform to the flock she would caution, or they die. I thought I was invincible, as I threw a “Not me!” over my shoulder and out the door.

I believe I knew what I wanted from about the age of six and every step of my life’s journey has been activated, framed, motivated by that one desire.  To be free.  I’m not sure what I wanted to be free of, but I knew I wanted freedom.

I believe I’ve achieved my childhood dreams.  Is it karma?

I have lived a life of freedom and on my terms.  Every step I have taken, every decision made, has led  me to this point.  I have not lived life passively or as an observer.  I have lived my life, as intended.  And, I’m not done yet.

Karma is not a b*tch.  It is not life’s punishment for something bad you may have done, or rewarding you for something you have done right.

Karma is not a backward glance.  Karma is filled with hope and is forward thinking.  It is an acceptance, at any point of one’s life, one has the ability to change the course of how one lives, if one chooses to do this.  It’s taken a long time to come to this realisation.  So I start new each day.  Yes, life can be that simple for me.

May your steps today lead to good karma.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

Word of the Day Challenge – Karma

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