To each, their own …

I woke this morning in Exmouth and felt a sense of elation.  I felt like my own self again.  Focused.  Enthusiastic.  Productive.  And, seeking joy.   It has taken exactly one month for me to feel 100% again.thumb_IMG_0481_1024.jpg
Sunrise, Exmouth Gulf, Exmouth, Western Australia
I found joy watching the sunrise and being early Saturday, Town Beach was deserted.DSCN9795.jpg
I had the whole beach to myself at 5 am.DSCN9787.jpg
I watched the tide recede and as it did, I rummaged through the debris.  I love these gifts of the sea.  thumb_IMG_0478_1024.jpg
I had time to drink champagne and laugh and not take life too seriously.thumb_IMG_0483_1024.jpg
Enjoy the fabulous surrounds of Ningaloo Reef Resort with a note to self, to return in 2020.  Not only is it a beautiful hotel, the staff are wonderful too.thumb_IMG_0486_1024.jpg
Delight in the perfection found in nature.thumb_IMG_0490_1024.jpg
It was too hot to drive to Turquoise Bay, so indoors with air con or leaving windows open for sea breeze, was the best idea.

Good food, good drinks, good company, an empty beach and a feeling that all is well.  That’s my idea of khushi (Hindi for happiness).

It’s a simple recipe, worth repeating.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Saturday – Cushy

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