Circle of security

A little dewdrop escaped his lips
and landed on my knee
I gasped in exaggerated surprise
catching his smile, with mine

He slid down his mother’s knee
toddled his first steps across the floor
steadied himself, turned and grinned at me

in that brief moment, I knew
this is not how it should be

His mother missed it all
flicking the feed of selfies galore
chuckling intermittently at what she saw
but how I wish she had seen what I had seen
when he checked in with me

a dawn bird

In response to VJWC – # 72 – Wish

15 thoughts on “Circle of security”

  1. Whoa. So true. I see young parents so focused on their phones, they miss many moments that will only come once. They’ll never know what they are missing, which to me is the saddest part. Powerful poem.

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      1. We used to have an advertisement by our major telco with father doing business on the computer, mum shopping online, two kids doing home work and playing games … everyone in different rooms and the slogan? “Stay connected”. It used to infuriate me!

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