Today I cried …

West Beach, Esperance, Western Australia

I’m preparing for my penultimate trip before Christmas but felt the need to take a few minutes from work to write.

The last few months have been a constant source of concern as I read about the political events around the world.  A mere mortal, caught up in a world that seems increasingly resistant to change for the better, leaves me with a feeling of hopelessness.  Winning at any cost, seems the goal.  How did prominent world leaders get here?  They did not ‘ascend’ to the throne as do royalty.  They were ‘elected’ by the people.   That’s an unnerving scenario.

This morning I cried when I read the news headlines.  Not because I read about those who have the honour and privilege to lead countries, fail at the first block of integrity, but because I believe and I know, there are good people in this world too.

The tragic disaster in New Zealand is case in point.  The loss of life and injuries under awful circumstances made me subdued.  To read of the specialist police recovery team that went out on a still active volcano, despite the inherent danger to them on that site, so they could return the bodies to waiting loved ones, made me cry.  These are ordinary people, who do extraordinary things.

Anyone is capable of extraordinary things and as equally as anyone is capable of heinous acts.  If we are not guided by that internal compass of integrated heart and mind, a compass that requires constant fine tuning by what think, see and do then, the day of reckoning, good or bad, may take time but is inevitable.

May you find time to ‘fine tune’ today.  Your thoughts, words and acts matter.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Friday – Reckoning

6 thoughts on “Today I cried …”

  1. Hi Dawn bird, I so agree with your words. I wonder why is it that so many “ordinary” people are out there doing “extraordinary” things and many “ordinary” folks contribute on a daily basis in their communities to creating a better world with small and steady yet consistent effort, while those at the top, who we’ve chosen with hope, faith and optimism to lead us with integrity and courage are never capable of contributing anything extraordinary at all!

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    1. Hi! Good to hear from you!
      Yes, we live in strange times. I wake each day hoping to see better news headlines than the night before, to no avail.
      My warmest regards to you and A for the holiday season and new year.


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