This evanescent life …

“Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow has not yet come.  We have only today.  Let us begin.”  Mother Theresa

I love this quote.  Time is never fleeting, never wasted if we have the courage to begin, to explore, to re-calibrate from where we are.

This year I spent more time in the Midwest outback than I have in any other year and hopefully this will continue.  DSCN9291.jpg
I’ve worked along the coast from north to the south and enjoyed the intense company of seagulls.DSCN9480.jpg
In the Wheatbelt town of Merredin I found a silent space within me while listening to the raucous squawking of red tail black cockatoos, high in the gum trees.thumb_IMG_0178_1024.jpg
In the Midwest outback town of Mt Magnet I found these beautiful succulent flowers.  The ant and granite sand gives some perspective how tiny these flowers are.thumb_IMG_0217_1024.jpg
I loved this deserted Masonic Lodge (circa 1899) in the outback town of Cue.thumb_IMG_0224_1024.jpg
The pink flower carpet that surrounded the ghost town of Big Bell, just outside Cue, was stunning.thumb_IMG_0238_1024.jpg
We enjoyed dinner here in an outback pub where dusty cowboys propped up the bar.thumb_IMG_0241_1024.jpg
And even in the outback one could not get away from American politics!  This was Herbert Hoover’s bedroom when he worked as a mining engineer in Western Australia in the late 1800s.  This is now a lounge room at the motel where we stayed.thumb_IMG_0253_1024.jpg
There were long drives on lonely highways in the company of road trains.thumb_IMG_0256_1024.jpg
And waking to outback sunrises.thumb_IMG_0607_1024.jpg
This was a big wall of tattoo photographs at the Billabong Roadhouse, in the Midwest outback.  I thought it was pretty cool!thumb_IMG_5303_1024.jpg
I spent a lot of time at airports with miners and where I met Muse.thumb_IMG_4702_1024.jpg
I found I’m patient when faced with barriers.  This forced me to drive between 5-10 kms an hour (speed limit was 110km/hour) for over 40 kms in the eastern Wheatbelt.thumb_IMG_5817_1024.jpg
I visited The Leaning Tree, Greenough, outside Geraldton.  Just because I love it so.

“I am Wirnda Ngadara
The leaning tree
I have grown this way
from too much breeze
My twisted trunk
bowed down to search
and pay respect
to Mother Earth
Stand here awhile
and look at me
I am Wirnda Ngadara
The leaning tree.
Nola Gregory, 2014

I have been brave and adventurous this year.  The next year brings with it promise of new experiences with old loves.thumb_IMG_0696_1024
To embrace the new year I found my mantra on the Iron Balls gin bottle.

“You always have options, if you have balls”.

And, that my friends, I do!

May time stand still for you, for just a moment, so you can re-calibrate your compass for the new year and find the direction you seek.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Sunday – Fugacious

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