The unspoken, spoken …


For some age is a precious commodity, traded in social media likes.  In the real world, it is often an unspoken judgement.  Sometimes, the unspoken is spoken candidly, like the time …

I signalled it was time to leave.  He stood up, pushed himself away from the table and walked across the room.  From his corner, he eyed me silently and then stated with absolute conviction, “You’re old!”  To my surprise, his observation stung me as I had just celebrated a birthday.  It cut close to the bone.  “Old!” I exclaimed.  “Yes, old”, he responded, his face serious with gravity of the moment.  I smiled and tried to diffuse the situation.  I responded in an even voice, “I know I’m old, but how did you know I am old?”  His eyes scanned me while I silently promised myself to check my face more closely, thinking, either my eye sight is failing or I’m getting wrinkles.  Collecting his thoughts, he tells me.  “You’ve got wrinkles on your fingers”.

I invited him back to the table.  With hands side by side, we observe them together.  I share with him, “Your fingers have wrinkles, too”.  He stared hard at my hand and then at his little hand near mine and stated, “Yes.  I’m old too.  I’m four years old.”

May you enjoy a precious moment today.

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a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day Challenge – Unspoken

8 thoughts on “The unspoken, spoken …”

      1. I’d love to read it! As the saying goes, ‘Out of the mouths of babes.’ 😉 There was a weekly segment on a popular TV show in the 60s dubbed ‘Kids say the darnest things’ where they would ask a panel of kids questions and their answers were often hilarious.

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