The things I see …

There was a time in my life when I loved visiting art galleries and museums and would seek them out where ever I travelled.  I am not knowledgeable about art.  I just know what I love.  So it is not surprising when I see a piece of art, my eye is immediately drawn to the aesthetics of it.

The wall sculpture below is huge on a bigger wall.  It is striking and I was drawn to it immediately.  I looked at it from close up.  I stepped away from it.  The beauty was the same.  I would have loved to have touched it, run my fingers on shapes and colours and connect with the artist.  But when I read the plaque, I realised I do connect with that master artist, Nature, in a different way.thumb_IMG_4834_1024
Art in foyer, Crowne Plaza Casino, Perth, Western Australia
“Reverie of Land, Line and Form by Jenny Nayton is the study of the ancient geology of Western Australia.  The artform draws on the distinctive character and connection to place created by the unique colours and shapes of the Western Australian landscape.  The sculptural forms are reminiscent of the fluid curves of eroded rocks, such as the local monument Wave Rock in Hyden.”thumb_DSCN5006_1024
Sooty Oystercatcher, Turquoise Bay, Exmouth, Western Australia
I still love art but it no longer just hangs on a wall or from a ceiling.
Sunrise, Exmouth Gulf, Exmouth, Western Australia
I’ve found the sky, a canvas.thumb_IMG_4921_1024
Bee in flower
I love when still life stills me.thumb_IMG_0713_1024
Succulent, Esperance, Western Australia
And I love looking at the ordinary and find it extraordinary. 

The aesthetics of nature may not be visible to all.  A blindness to be cured for sure.  If it was, would we live differently?

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As always

a dawn bird

In response to RDP – Thursday – Aesthetics

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