The first glimpse of …

It was the first trip of the year and little time for anything except work.  My plans of walking around town with camera, taking pictures of the magnificent heritage architecture in the Goldfields region, were scrapped.  The small mining town felt like it was bursting at the seams with people.  An atmosphere reminiscent of the wild, wild, West.  I just didn’t feel comfortable walking around on my own.  I drove to the sister town of Boulder and it was the same, so I returned to the hotel without taking a single picture.

The next day at lunchtime, as is my habit, I went to the park for a quick lunch and hoped for a longer time with camera photographing the gum flowers and birds.  It was nearly 40 degrees C and no shade.  I had to return to the office, dejected, without a single photograph of my trip!

As I approached the entrance to the building, it caught my eye.  I had seen it the previous day in the garden.  It looked like it was some kind of plastic toy wedged against another plant.  The next day when I returned from lunch, it was still there.  I decided to walk closer to inspect it.thumb_IMG_0983_1024
Echeveria ‘Domingo’

It took my breath away!  In the harshest sun in harsher country, this bloomed with such delicacy.  I have a desk plaque on a table in my foyer, a reminder to self, each time I enter my home or leave it – “Bloom where God plants you”.  When away from home, I needed this to touch base.

I showed the picture to the office staff.  They loved it.  “Where did you find this?” they asked, thinking it was from one of my travels.  “Outside, in the garden, by the front door”.  They looked confused and surprised.  One staff member’s window opened to this and she never noticed it before!  I had no idea succulents are so beautiful.  I learnt something new that day.  It will definitely have a presence in my new garden.

On my return home, the flight was full.  I was seated at the back.  Never a good seat on a Friday night when miners are going home and have had too much down time at the bar.  I averted my body, away from the odour of stale beer, and towards a succulent sky.thumb_IMG_0986_1024My trip, fraught as it was with work, taught me to look beyond the desk and when plans don’t work out, respond to curiosity and look beyond.

I brought the vision home, to share with you.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

In response to A Photo a Week Challenge – Work



15 thoughts on “The first glimpse of …”

    1. I’ve never been a fan of succulents but will definitely find a place in my garden for them. It really was a bit too hot and with little vegetation in town, it bakes. Overnight at home and then to lovely, always cool, Esperance.

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    1. The colours were perfect! My window pic doesn’t do it justice at all.
      Folks are well behaved, may be a bit jovial among themselves, but never misbehave. I suspect they earn too much money to risk it!

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