What is luxury?

After the holidays February has been a busy month of visiting all work sites as people return to their regular schedules, including me.  I have three more visits before the end of the month including a couple of long drives.  I’m not fazed at all.  So far, I’ve kept close to my new preferred way of working and it has been effective.DSCN7125
In Esperance I headed to Woody Lake after I landed.  It was silent.  Not a single bird around, not even the ever present Willy Wagtail but across the water there was a cacophony of bird calls.  I could see dozens of birds along the shore of Lake Windabout.  Ducks, pelicans, black swans and some ducks I’ve not seen before.  My pictures are too grainy due to distance but this one gives some idea how crowded the shore was.  I longed for them to be nearer to me.

The night before I left Esperance I stayed up late, set my alarm for 5 am (sunrise was expected at 5:27 am) and had a restless sleep.  I was impatient to get some down time with camera before my flight home.DSCN7091
Before I entered the reserve I turned the music and air con off, turned my windows down, took my sunnies off.  For a few seconds I experienced the moment as deeply as I could.  I then inched my way in.  In the silence I held my breath as the gravel under the wheels exploded like fireworks.  I was hoping to see some kangaroos as I know they are around early morning.  I wasn’t disappointed!  They tolerated my presence and I inched in closer each time they turned away and started to feed.  Until Big Daddy hopped closer to his family, and when he loped into the scrub, they followed him.  That joey has grown!

I drove down to the lake to a photography feast.  DSCN7150
Dozens of ibis had come across the water overnight.
Birds, especially seagulls and stilts, were photobombing others.  I didn’t know whether I should feel frustrated or laugh.DSCN7062
The humble sandpiper, beige and standing proud was solitary.  It faced me for a few seconds, turned and walked into the water.DSCN7122
It held my attention.  I sensed I was to see something more.DSCN7121
I was right.  I have never seen it lift and stretch wings before.  A message, perhaps, we all can.
Soon it was time to head to the airport with a final message from a seagull.  Take time to chill.

I spent a couple of hours at the lake.  There was no one else there but me.  It was alright with me.  I couldn’t help but feel pampered by nature.  This, is what luxury feels to me.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird

In response to Word of the Day – Pampered

13 thoughts on “What is luxury?”

    1. Yes! I admit to being quite cranky if I miss out on this!
      Esperance had a terrific storm a few hours after I left capsizing 12 boats! Hard to believe when it was a perfect morning.


      1. It’s been crazy weather and so unpredictable. I’m in the Wheatbelt where it’s hot and gusty. I’m hoping to get home tonight without any fires. I’ve got a flight tomorrow where they were impacted by tail end of a cyclone! Crazy!


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