Flower of the Day

My return home was fraught.  While waiting for a storm cell to pass in Perth, the plane sat on the tarmac longer than the flight.  I didn’t get home until after 9 pm.  I did not eat on the plane as I longed for a hot meal but could not heat my frozen meal when I got home.  The electricity had shorted.  I had no perishables in the fridge.  I went to bed hungry.

At midnight I heard an almighty crash with glass smashing.  I was on my feet in a flash.  I had left the side gate unlocked for workmen while I was away and immediately felt vulnerable.  In the silence that followed I heard water pouring, I stepped into the corridor and straight onto glass in my bare feet.  With my phone having only a little charge left, I dared not use it to light up the corridor.  When my eyes adjusted I stepped around debris to find my laundry was flooded from ceiling damage and the overheard light fixture gone.  So I did what humans do.  I sat on the sofa and cried with frustration.

Once the distress subsided, I caught a few hours sleep and first thing in the morning called the insurance folks.  To my amazement, they responded immediately and gave me approval to have the damaged fixed and send in the invoices without having to do the usual three quotes.  My handyman responded immediately too and lined up roofers and an electrician and came around later in the day to check on everything else.  Mid morning I went into my back garden and nearly cried again.  One of the two big trees has fallen over, a tree the rainbow lorikeets love to visit and a tree that gives me the first hint of spring with beautiful white flowers.  It is also a privacy screen from my neighbour over the fence.  I’m glad I won’t be home when A brings out the chain saw and removes it.

I’ve been extra busy this month with a lot of travel and writing.  I was looking forward to five days at home before another busy month looms in March.  The plan was to get the house ready for the painter and decluttering.  Instead I spent yesterday replacing appliances that were water logged in the laundry and kitchen.  The day was not done when I circled a shopping centre car park looking for a bay closer to the door for convenience in inclement weather.  I finally found one and turned in, nudging the car next to me!  I went to Security and the Concierge to report it.  They were so kind and the lady stroked my arm as she sensed I was upset.  Her touch was the random act of kindness I needed on the day.

I returned home to a decimated garden and as I walked to the front door, a pale pink bud caught my eye.  Even though I often have roses in my garden, this time, I stopped to take a picture.  There was something special in this rose that spoke to me, all is well.thumb_IMG_1237_1024
It was my flower of the day.

Until next time

As always

a dawn bird



In response to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

15 thoughts on “Flower of the Day”

      1. Yes, thanks, a pretty lazy day with a brisk walk in the afternoon. It is very cold and windy. Tonight expected to reach 15F with a windchill lower. Glad I’ll be in my warm bed!


  1. Not by half I notice, but the whole train. What a tale of breathless woe, and yet to release it, to own it and then find the joy in the smallest of life forms, a balm indeed.

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